Summer Program 2017

Brain Gym’s Summer Program

Brain Gym provides quality education to bring out the most potential out of students to help them become active and successful leaders. We provide a comfortable and safe environment for students to come and learn with our skillful and bright teachers. Brain Gym Summer Program assists students to effectively improve their grades  in a variety of subjects by knowing exactly what they lack and need with our diagnostic test and individualized programs for each student.

Diagnostic Test & Review  &  Preparation

 Our utmost priority is to understand our students by figuring out where they stand. To do this we provide our students with diagnostic tests. After we level with our students, we provide comprehensive review and preparation for the upcoming year, in order to accomplish great improvements in school and academics.

Math / Language Arts / Reading Comprehension /Writing/ Science / Social Studies / History/Geography/Biology

Common Core Math

It’s not just about basic math. Our math program focuses on all students and all parts of mathematics. Our program will help students with basic arithmetic skills as well as critical thinking skills. This is to help the students enhance in mathematics that encompasses topics such as area, time, pattern, number sequence, equations, word problems, geometric shapes, and many other areas of math. Our entire comprehensive curriculum tailors toward the student’s knowledge and academic level to guarantee improvement on the student’s math skill.

 Common Core English

Our English program aims to strategically advance students’ learning skills by  developing their vocabulary, expressions, composition and comprehension skills. The students will be required to read texts, answer questions, and write essays about the readings.  The skills the students learn throughout this program will not only benefit them in their English/ Literature class but also in other classes such as Social Studies / History and Science. This program will help the students be able to use critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are useful for their future academic careers.

Journal, Book Report, Writing & Reading 

A journal topic is given daily for the students to start their day at our summer program.

We want them to think beyond what they originally know and develop creative writing skills by challenging them to use various vocabulary and literary skills.  We also have students present a book report in front of class each week to build their confidence in their speaking skills.

Talent Show

The Talent Show will be held on July 27, 2017. Talent show will include student debate contests, musical and art performances, and much more!

Essay & Spelling

Let’s memorize words from remembering associated pictures! With Brain Gym’s unique word memorizing skills, students will learn and memorize at least 30~50 Spelling Words & Vocabulary and get tested every Friday. By the time the summer camp ends, students’ vocabulary usage and context will effectively improve.

Book Club & Speech Club (Kinder~ 5th)

The objective of Book Club is to get the students interested in reading. We want our students to steer  away from watching too much TV and video games. We have a list

of books suitable for each grade that each student will enjoy. During book club and speech class, students learn to write their thoughts down on paper using creative and expressive writing. Through this club, students will make reading a habit, and they will enjoy reading on their own as well. It is originally once a week; however it will be changed  to 2 times a week for free.

 Debate & Speech (5th ~ 8th / 9th ~ 11th )

Debate skills are not fully developed in a short period of time. Due to this reason, it is important for students to practice and prepare these skills at a young age.  These

skills are not only vital to succeed in college, but they are also important in life. Through this club, we will help our students become future global leaders who use logic and reasoning to make great decisions.

   UCLA Young Writer’s  Project

The Young Writer’s Project’s curriculum, materials and teachers are directly sent from UCLA Writing Project program. Through this curriculum, students will be able to learn how to write creatively and efficiently. They will also learn the skills to review, revise, and publish their own work. This will help them to distinguish between good and poor writing. Through oral presentations of their writings, students will gain more confidence and skills in speech to portray their thoughts and ideas. In addition, students will learn the fundamentals of writing and grammar. They will receive a certificate of completion and a compiled booklet that contains all their writing  at the end of eighth week.

Spanish & Chinese & Korean

Our school provides a fun and easy curriculum to learn various languages! Challenge yourself in learning the new language! Dual language education will help students with their concentration and brain development in the near future.


We provide a program of Abacus to help students with their mental math skills. Abacus is a  neural  development program that stimulates both the right and left parts of the brain. This allows a significant increase in the ability to calculate without the help of a calculator or fingers.  Observe how your child’s abilities and grades soar by increase in concentration, self confidence, and  leadership obtained from Abacus!


Experience the Robotics Learning Program that is armored with science, computer science, imagination, along with fun & games! Entertaining lessons and experiments stimulate the  sprouting imagination and creativity in your children.

Parent Conference

We believe parents should always be aware of their child’s progress, level, work, habits, and cooperation. We also believe that parents should be aware of what education goals we, as teachers, have for our students even before we start going through with them. Please plan ahead and make an appointment with the office.

We do not allow parents stepping in during class time to have a conference with the teachers.

Special Friday

We will have many, special fun Fridays, including days such as Pajama Day, Crazy Hair  Day, Brain Gym  Market Day, Barbecue Day, Park Day, Barbecue Day, Talent  Show & Performance Day.

Field trip

A field trip has been set for July 7, 2017.  Field trips may require admission fees and additional related expenses. Specific and detailed information will be covered in the field trip forms.

 Summer Subject Tutor

To help our parents and students efficiently use the short period of summer vacation, Brain Gym has prepared per subject tutoring program for students to study 1 hour every day. This program will encourage students to have a habit of studying every day and will also help students fully understand each areas of the material.

ESL Program 

ESL program is available for students who are visiting the United States from other foreign countries. Brain Gym’s ESL program helps students not only learn grammar and accents, but also learn the American culture and its language with more interactive styles. It’s a great way for students visiting the US for a short period of time to grasp learning English efficiently.

 Promotion Coupon

We offer a wide variety of summer exclusive promotions that are provided for these unique classes here at Brain Gym Academy.