Private School Entrance Exam(s) Prep



             Lower: For entrance to grades 5 and 6
             Middle: for entrance to grades 7 and 8
             Upper: for entrance to grades 9-12


The Independent School Entrance Exam is a widely accepted exam that provides independent, private schools some insight on the strengths as well as extent of the student’s knowledge.  This test also helps guide admissions, making sure that the student is academically well-matched with the school’s expectations so that the student ends with a successful academic high school life.


The High School Placement Test is specifically geared towards third year middle school students who are preparing for admissions into an independent, private high school. Another option for students who are planning to apply as an incoming freshman, the HSPT is divided into three categories, similarly to the ISEE. These sections include Reading, Mathematics, and Language.

The HSPT can be seen as another widely accepted exam in which institutions look at in order to gain some insight on the academic abilities of the student as well as whether he/she is well matched with the expectations of the high school.  However, unlike the ISEE, the HSPT is proctored by the high school institute in which the student is applying for and these dates vary, depending on the schedule set by the school.


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