Summer Program 2017

Summer Program 2017

 Brain Gym provides quality education to bring out the most potential out of students to help them become active and successful leaders. We provide a comfortable and safe environment for students to come and learn with our skillful and bright teachers. Brain Gym Summer Program assists students to effectively improve their grades  in a variety of subjects by knowing exactly what they lack and need with our diagnostic test and individualized programs for each student.

Diagnostic Test & Review  &  Preparation

Our utmost priority is to understand our students by figuring out where they stand. To do this we provide our students with diagnostic tests. After we level with our students, we provide comprehensive review and preparation for the upcoming year, in order to accomplish great improvements in school and academics.

Math / Language Arts / Reading Comprehension /Writing/ Science /Social Studies / History/Geography/Biology

Common Core Math

It’s not just about basic math. Our math program focuses on all students and all parts of mathematics. Our program will help students with basic arithmetic skills as well as critical thinking skills. This is to help the students enhance in mathematics that encompasses topics such as area, time, pattern, number sequence, equations, word problems, geometric shapes, and many other areas of math. Our entire comprehensive curriculum tailors toward the student’s knowledge and academic level to guarantee improvement on the student’s math skill.

Common Core English

Our English program aims to strategically advance students’ learning skills by  developing their vocabulary, expressions, composition and comprehension skills. The students will be required to read texts, answer questions, and write essays about the readings.  The skills the students learn throughout this program will not only benefit them in their English/ Literature class but also in other classes such as Social Studies / History and Science. This program will help the students be able to use critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that are useful for their future academic careers.