Afterschool Program


Our goal is to have the students be in the top 1%!

At Brain Gym, we help unlock your children’s full potential by giving them the one-on-one attention they deserve. We offer a whole environment specially tailored  to help children grow into healthy and  happy individuals. We make sure everyone  is comfortable and confident  in the quality of the care for your child at our  academy.


Our academic program includes:

  • School Assignment Assistance (Home Work)
  • School Project & Presentation
  • Extra Work (English, Math, Spelling & Vocab)
  • Common Core  (Critical English, & Math)
  • Spelling Test
  •  Book Club
  • Test Prep (Common Core & Gifted Test)
  •  One-on-one Tutoring
  • Brain Stimulating Activities
  •  Playground / Free Time
  • Nutritious Snacks